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Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE 3.5

It is the most stable gaming platform for Windows
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Microsoft Games for Windows latest Live version 2.0 is the most stable gaming platform for Windows. It is the outcome of the research done by Microsoft and some of the leading gaming industries of the world. As we all know, Windows has been the world’s most popular gaming platform so far, so most obviously Microsoft Games for Windows Live 2.0 is something unparalleled and a much better form of windows.

The program's set-up package includes the installation of Games for Windows – LIVE Redistributable that enables you to experience the in-game Games for Windows – LIVE and the out-of game experience of Games for Windows – LIVE Client. It also includes Games for Windows – LIVE Marketplace. Microsoft Games for Windows – LIVE 2.0 is easy to install, all you need to do is run the setup package and then follow the online instructions on the User Interface of the Setup. It is supported by Windows Vista and Windows XP Service Pack 2.

The Microsoft Games for Windows – LIVE 2.0 mainly focuses on four key features – Quality, Compatibility, Safety and Ease of playing, which has actually made it an unparalleled gaming platform of the planet. The games that fall under the Windows brand are not only tested by the publisher, but Microsoft also performs extensive testing to make sure about the performance level and reliability standard. As per the compatibility issues are concerned, the Windows branded games are compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista as well, including 32-bit and 64-bit editions. Moreover, these games are also compatible with Microsoft XBOX 360 controller for Windows, which includes XBOX 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows and also supports widescreen resolutions.

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  • The most stable gaming platform for Windows
  • Easy to play


  • A GFW game works online only in so called "supported countries"
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